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Substantial High quality Robotic Arm Collaborative Robotic

Q:How a lot of kinds do Zu® Collaborative Robots have? How considerably can it load?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots have Zu3, Zu7, Zu12 three sorts, and they respectively load 3kg, 7kg, 12kg.

Q:How can I use Zu® Collaborative Robot’s wi-fi link? Do I want any demonstrator?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots are not fettered by typical demonstrator. It can connect wirelessly with the robot via App shopper, which helps make the total demonstration method more with higher proficiency.

Q:How is Zu® Collaborative Robots’ programming?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots support drag-and-drop programming and visible programming. Manually drag-and-fall the end of the robotic to the corresponding details, the robotic arm will find out, memorize and complete programming by alone Application visible programming, which transforms intricate code language into Chinese figures. Even if application end users are zero-dependent, they can also demonstrate with ease, and the human-robot collaboration is far more consumer-welcoming. New plans can be programmed and modified at the exact same time. All the procedure takes only a couple of minutes.

Q:How is the security of Zu® Collaborative Robots?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots established torque comments module inside of. When the collision reaches the set upper torque restrict, the robot will end in time to stop folks and other tools from harming and comprehend human-robot safe collaboration.

Inside yokes – there are two, at each and every finish of the PTO shaft – tractor and implement. This is soldered to the driver’s conclude. Cardan Joints – There are two, situated on each and every stop of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, positioned on both ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” link to u and a feminine gap. Protection Chains – Chains are utilized to secure PTO shafts to gear and tractors. Protection Guards – These cones are found at each ends.
china Custom High Quality Robot Arm Collaborative Robot manufacturers