china Custom Robot Arm Pushing Scrap Steel Reducing Induction Furnace Steelmaking Melting Time manufacturers

Solution Description

              Products composition structure and standard drawing
one,composition framework
The Robotic arm CZPT is made up of pedestal,slewing bearings,Rotary column assembly,External beam assembly,inner beam assembly,Rotary cylinder,Lifting cylinder,Drive-pull cylinder,Hydraulic circuit method,electric handle system.
two,Tools common drawing(frame diagram)
Main components: 1,pedestal 2,External beam 3,Drive-pull cylinder 4,inner beam 5,Lifting cylinder 6,manifold block assembly 7,Rotary column assembly 8,slewing bearings 9,Rotary cylinder ten,Hydraulic station
 Technical description
one,Software assortment
The Robotic arm CZPT is utilized in the medium frequency induction furnace metal generating workshop,installed among two furnace shells.
2,Main advantages:
one)the person does not need to have to function directly to the mouth of the furnace, making use of the remote management procedure, basic safety, decrease the accident rate
2)decrease labor intensity, preserving labor, reduce the authentic 4 folks to 2 individuals
three)make scrap content to accomplish no blocking phenomenon, rapidly melting fee,the average per furnace tapping time will be CZPT 8 to 10 minutes (if use of mild and slender supplies will be CZPT er),  so that to increase a lot more than ten% of the metal generate
4)due to the fact tapping rapidly,so it will be preserve electrical CZPT about 3 to 5KWH/ton  
five)helps make the furnace refractory a lot more tough, owing to quick stress, the refractory  is not straightforward to bear higher warmth, if a furnace can only use thirty~ 32 furnace before time , now, the furnace can be used for at minimum about 38heats .
3.Major technological innovation factors
one)The complete system adopts hydraulic cylinder to generate the manipulator’s telescopic, lifting and rotating features,driving drive big,operating easily.
2)The CZPT -end pulling bar of the interior beam are developed as a quick loading framework, and can be swiftly replaced.
three)Hydraulic components are concentrated in the layout of the rear part of the system,preserve absent from heat resource,and boost the trustworthiness of equipment operation.
With 11KW oil pump motor Unit,automated cease pump and force relief once end working.
4)Employing local and distant manage two kings of electrical control ,and can be switched freely.Remote control procedure can attain shut down and emergency CZPT off freely.
five)small equipment volume,preserve room,convenient procedure,versatile Application.
4,Main composition
two)Rotary column assembly
3)Interior and external beam assembly
4)Hydraulic circuit system
five)Electrical control system.
five,Main complex parameters(Maybe modified after specifically design)
1)Rotation assortment:-86 ° ~86 °
2)Growth stroke:~ 2700mm
3)Lifting mechanism stroke:+1500~ -1170mm
4)Equipment dimension L×W×H:5700×1300×1500
5)Drive-pull torque:0 ~ 5T
6)decrease urgent torque :0 ~ 4T
7)rotating torque :0 ~ 2.5T
eight)system strain:~16MPa
Scope of source description

NO. Component identify device qty remarks
one  Robotic arm Primary device set 1  
two Hydraulic station set 1 With no pipe(Gas tank to equipment inlet pipe),provides by the user
3 electronic control system
( remote control  )
set one With no field cable and set up equipment

Employing problems
one.Set up internet site:on the platform of middle distance and line Among two furnace.
two.Functioning situation:  High temperature and substantial force.

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china Custom Robot Arm Pushing Scrap Steel Reducing Induction Furnace Steelmaking Melting Time manufacturers