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automatic rotary welding column &increase manipulator CZ4040

one. welding column introduction and major parameter

1. Introduction

 The welding column which includes the column (like the lifting mechanism,the sliding areas,traveling device,anti-drop insurance coverage units and parts),beams (like rack and driver components) and so on.
The Column and beam are all made of large top quality steel welded jointly, the main weld by computerized submerged arc welding procedure, the overall annealing, tension relief, annealing a total folder, planing mill processing to guarantee large precision rail and its resistance Grinding, so that the equipment steadiness has been enhanced. And the beam perform easily when operating.which does not create the effect of welding good quality quiver and horizontal shaking.

  1. Beam lifting mechanism At the best of the column, the lifting drive includes an AC motor with a brake, a mixture worm CZPT , and many others. The mechanical drive technique has a self-locking operate. The lifting chain is mounted on the sprocket of the output shaft. A single stop of the lifting chain is linked with the sliding seat, and the other conclude is connected with a counterweight moving in the column. The limit position of the column is equipped with electrical restrict switches and mechanical stops to ensure the protection of the tools.
  2. The beam has a unique anti-fall insurance system, when the beam accidental tumble, anti-slide device can right away start immediately stop slipping, with insurance. Slide safety gadget: It is used to make certain that the cross beam will not slide when the lifting chain is damaged thanks to the services life or exterior impact, so as to avert unneeded losses to the equipment and personnel.
  3. The beam telescoping adopts gear and racks,AC motor and DC driver.with a huge speed variety,secure and dependable,large precision driver. Rack tooth with heat therapy to lengthen the services lifestyle.
  4. head configuration electrical carriage, the efficient stroke: 100 × one hundred mm. The carriage is outfitted with a rotating tee and a torch keeping mechanism to allow the torch to deflect at any angle.
  5. The CZPT provide of beam and column all adopts towline,towline can successfully protect the cable not damaged.

2. CZPT nical parameter

Specification 2*2 3*three 4*4 5*five 6*6 7*7 8*8
Vertical movement length of increase(m) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Horizontal movement distance of growth(m) 2-four 2-6 3-seven 3-8 3-8 3-8 4-8
Rotating angle of column ±180°
Vertical speed of the boom(mm/min) 850 1150
Horizontal velocity of the boom(mm/min) 140-1400
Rotating pace of the growth(r/min) 0.two
The tatol eqally distributed load of the increase 100 200 300 400 500 500 500
Center distance of the track(optional) P43/2000
the highest diameter can use normal accessory to improve hight.

three. The welding column &growth Gain:
one) The column and boom are all manufactured of the whole box construction,high mechanical toughness, great balance, compact structure.
2) CZPT enlargement adopts AC motor variable frequency stepless speed regulation, the beginning torque is large, and velocity is regular.
When network voltage fluctuation is ten%, the welding speed fluctuation price is not more than ±3%.
3) CZPT telescopic adopts equipment rack pair meshing transmission, substantial transmission precision, no crawling, and no jitter.
4) The manual rail plate is vibration dealt with to eliminate tension right after welded, and then via the plane, milling approach to make
the monitor, CZPT services life, very good steadiness.

four.Detailed pictur of the welding column&increase manipulator 

Much more thorough welding manipulator photographs:


To determine the kind, you need to have to look at the form of the axis. Regardless of the kind, the front axle is the exact same as the countershaft. Nonetheless, the front axle is larger to permit the intermediate shaft to in shape within. In this way, the particles can collapse like a telescope throughout its motion. The domestic shaft will be one of four designs – round, rectangular, sq., or splined. Metric shafts can be a star, bell, or soccer.
china factory China Factory Supply Welding Column and Boom Automatic Welding Manipulator manufacturers