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Item Description

List of shipments accessories:
MG995 servo*3
SG90 servo*1 
Structual frame*1
All necessary screws
W/O Arduino Controller

– Simulate real palletizing robot arm structure
– PVC material, CNC processing
– Adopts MG995 55g metal gear servo 3pcs
– Active joint bearing connection
MG995 55g Servo Specifications:
– Size: 40.7*19.7*forty two.9mm
– Working torque: 13kg/cm
– Respond rotation speed: 53-62R/M
– Working temperature: -30~+60°C
– Dead zone: 4ms
– Plug: JR, Tutaba
– Rotation angle: 180 degree
– Analog sero
– Working current: 100mA
– Working voltage: 3-7.2V
– Metal gear, coreless motor, two ball bearing
– Operation speed: 0.17s/60degree(4.8V) 0.13S/60degree(6.0V)

SG90 9G servo specifications:
– Size: 23*twelve.2*29mm
– Weight: 9g
– Working torque: 1.6kg/cm
– Respond rotation speed: 0.12-.13s/60degree
– Working temperature: -thirty~+60 degree
– Dead zone: 5ms
– Plug: JR, Tutaba
– Rotation angle: 180 degree
– Analog sero
– Working current: 100mA
– Working voltage: 3.5-6V
– Metal gear


An agricultural energy get-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-kind gadget that connects the tractor to the apply that requirements to be operated. The relationship provided by the driveline allows the unit to draw electrical power right from the tractor’s engine. Just like hydraulic equipment, a PTO’s drivetrain can sooner or later fail owing to the rigors of each day agricultural assignments, necessitating substitution or repair. When it is time to replace or fix a PTO drivetrain, it is important to pick the proper elements for the distinct tools in use.
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