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Product Description

Torque Limiting Valve 
hydraulic torque limiting valve

This product is a safety unit for self-security that is installed on a lorry-mounted crane&interval When the crane exceeds the torque at cargo loading&solunloading&comma it can perform the self-protection function and avert dumping and turnover that could trigger hurt to machine and private injuries&period 

Features and features 

one&period of time The compact size and gentle composition makes it the ideal safety system for a lorry-mounted crane to prevent turnover&period 

two&interval In circumstance of above torque&comma the protection system unloads instantly and forces the lorry-mounted crane to end doing work&period Even misoperation will not cause turnover&comma machine damage or individual injury&time period There is no want to incorporate any electric powered hydraulic aspect this kind of as an external solenoid valve&comma therefore it has a low value&period 
3&time period The torque limit can be altered and set according to the overturning instant of distinct lorry-mounted cranes&period of time It can be optimized in accordance to the amount of actuating mechanisms of the lorry-mounted crane&period of time It is also applicable to crane vehicles&period 

4&period To resume the torque restrict&comma enter particular stress at RS port&period Only the overhanging arm is necessary to stretch inside of&interval No added location of management stress supply is necessary&period 
5&period This device conforms to CZPT pean CE specification and provides technological promise to selfmade lorry-mounted cranes in CZPT &period 

Standard parameters 
one&period of time CZPT &period of time working pressure&colon 35MPa
two&interval CZPT &time period circulation&colon 60L&solmin &lparlarger circulation to be developed according to user desire&rpar&semi 
3&period of time Setting strain of torque restrict&colon 20MPa &lparpreset at delivery&rpar&comma adjustable assortment&colon ten~35MPa&semi 
four&interval In case of over torque&comma it routinely makes the technique entirely decompressed to stay away from operation at more than torque once again&period 
5&period Management pressure to launch the in excess of torque unloading &lparexternal manage&rpar &geq10 MPa&period 
MLV60-35 outline drawing
MLV60-35 operate

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china near me Hydraulic Torque Limiting Valve, Torque Limited Valve manufacturers