china near me Rail Bound Forging Manipulator (5-120Ton) for Metal Material Forging manufacturers

Product Description

one. Specification of Structure
 Forging manipulator is adopted with rail body overall construction, with welding parts for main composition. Is mainly consist of gantry & its strolling building, clamp tongs structure, clamp rotation system, clamp bracket lifting, tilting construction, clamp bracket side shift construction, clamp bracket sway framework, buffering structure, hydraulic method, procedure technique, electrical & handle program, CZPT Program and so on.
1.1 Gantry & Going for walks Technique
Is consist of appropriate/still left side boards, boards relationship mechanism, wheel device, hydraulic motor and so on.
Gantry walking is adopted with mechanical transmission driving method, wheel mechanism, transmission chain and so on, with flat and double wheels rims.  
Total composition is adopted with integral panel develop construction, the major frame is consist of aspect board and intermediate connection mechanism.
 1.2. Clamp Tongs Fixture Mechanism
Is consist of clamp joint, clamp arms, clamp tongs, clamp cylinder system and so on. Firmly related amongst clamp die and clamp arms also currently being effortlessly dismantled.
1.3. Clamp Tongs Rotation System
 Is consist of clamp body, hollow shaft, clamp tongs rotation gears device, rotation motor. CZPT clamp is adopted with lower speed motor at maximum torque to generate hollow shaft rotating, location balance defense loop inside of hydraulic program return circuit to insure halt clamp tongs at any positions.
1.4. clamp bracket elevating & Tilting system
Clamp bracket elevating method has two functions: parallel lifted and clamp tongs pitched. Clamp bar lifted is push with hydraulic cylinder, leveled lifted and clamp tilted doing work as two independent controlling system can be operated independently at the exact same time.
 Parallel lifter system is consist of CZPT boom, lateral beam, CZPT rocking arm, lifting parallel
hydraulic cylinder, system connection rod, back again rocking arm, pitch cylinder and so on. Which can drive four relationship rod system to drive forward clamp bracket lifted parallel. Via mechanical link rod it can kind four paralleled link rod system, the used drive change into inner forces. CZPT ing cylinder can drive the rocking arm straight but rocking spindle does not get any torque.      
     Clamp pitching mechanism is consisting of pitching cylinder, parallel lifting fixture. The extension of Pitching cylinder can drive the again lifting point of clamp bracket to elevate up and down, to make clamp tongs tilt up and down.
one.5. Clamp bracket punching press system
Integrated vertical punching system and parallel punching system, equally are hydraulic travel punched.
Vertical punching system is consist of parallel lifting cylinder, hydraulic accumulator, overloaded protective valve and so on.
      Parallel punching mechanism is consisting of punching cylinder. Parallel punching is double steps punching that can give punch to each CZPT and back of clamp
one.6. Aspect Phase, Sway mechanism
It is consist of side action cylinder, side phase cross beam.
Aspect stage cross beam doing work as a complete with side phase cylinder, which can accomplish aspect phase by means of the beam moved from CZPT and again rocking arms to drive boom and clamp bracket.
With side phase punching mechanism to absorb lashes created from side action, it effectively avert clamp bracket to cross sway in the procedure of forging.   
one.7. CZPT ulic controlling method
Hydraulic managing program is consist of oil cylinder, oil motor, oil pump generator, controlled valve device, piping, oil tank, punching system and so on. With the support of driving oil cylinder and oil motor to press doing fixture total any procession steps  
1.7.1 oil pump generator.
Hydraulic controlling method is consisting of three sets as adhere to: 2 sets of A2FO107 and 1 set of 10YCY, which can output CZPT oil independently, also output CZPT oil together.  
one.7.2 Managing valve.
This hydraulic program is adopted with two-port Cartridge Valves, Solenoid valve and proportion valve to handle hydraulic procession organization. Clamp tongs rotation, clamp bracket lifting and ratio of gantry strolling are controlled by proportion valve to achieve linkage with hydraulic push.  
one.7.3 oil tank piping program
This hydraulic management technique main oil tank is positioned on gantry physique, with filter inside of gas tank to independent oil return location from oil absorbing area. geared up with hydraulic cooling filter method. Fuel tank steel welded right after the treatment of chemical conversion. Oil pump generator are arranged on to the gantry with elements of handle valves and water cooler put on the oil tank. Thanks to poor forging workshop atmosphere, oil pump generator, oil tank, electrical cupboard are specifically dust-proof developed.
one.7.4 Since of huge hydraulic shocks inside of hydraulic Forging manipulator, all hydraulic technique piping joints are related with specific flange, also extra with shocks protecting card in accordance to necessity, properly distributed pipeline to deduce energy misplaced and prevent linkage according to complex people.
one.7.5 with oil temperature and oil stage indicators established inside oil tank. Oil need to be added into tank when oil degree is decrease until it start to operate generally, so that hydraulic press can be place into operation.
one.7.6 CZPT water will be included when oil temperature turn out to be greater to get oil cooled.
1.8, CZPT ctrical handle technique
one.8.1 CZPT ulic push use 3 phase four wire method, a few section CZPT provide is 380V, 50HZ: manage circuit is 220V pilot-operated solenoid valve CZPT provide is 220V. Set with particular electrical manage cupboard, inside which are put in transmission electrical elements, just like CZPT switch, air switch, A/C contactor, control transformers, CZPT linkage security and so on. The flood mild and Ventilation facilities also are set inside the cabinet the cupboards are put onto the ground in workshop.  
one.8.2 The principal manage system use CZPT PLC programmable controller. Operation method is divided into primary body handle procedure or to run it with mix of 1600T hydraulic push. By way of switch to modify above.
1.8.3 Principal body take care of procedure is built-in with hydraulic press functioning desk, all sorts of push bottoms, operation stages and brake swap are set up on the functioning tables to make it doing work conveniently, the corresponding actions will be created soon after thrust the levels and switch.
1.8.4 Employing distant length to control, PIC manage cabinet as major station, by way of PROFIBUS-DP information bus to get connection with conversation and primary frame management method to deduce wiring harness.
   1.8.5 Clamp tongs capability management used stress sensors, digital display handle: measurement and display precision is fifty percent position Mpa
   1.8.6 Gantry spot utilised situation moving sensors, digital exhibit and handle: measurement and precision show is one mm.
one.8.7 clamp tongs rotation angel handle use rotating encoders, electronic screen and handle: measurement and precision exhibit is one diploma.
1.8.8 clamp bar lifting, clamp bar tilting, clamp parallel punching utilized displacement sensors to detect position.
   1.9 lubrication mechanism: It use CZPT automated centralized lubrication method to control lubrication pumps running time and resting time.
      2. Basic safety technique:
two.1 Every single component of hydraulic technique are set with protection valves overloaded secured when technique more than pressured.
2.2 Appropriate parts of equipment are established with protection platform, fences, and escalators, to make confident easy upkeep  
two.3 Established with filter plug, oil amount indicator, oil temperature and many other failure indicators.

Forging manipulator
All-hydraulic driving
Rail-sure motion
Carrying capability: 1-120t
Tongs Centre Peak:min780-1000mm       max 1500-2500mm
Travelling velocity:21-32m/min
Tongs rotation speed:8~20 r/min
Operating oil force:10-20Mpa
Total CZPT :89-220KW
Width:3400-5200 mm
Top:3300-4390 mm
Linked with press in the work
Siemens PLC

CAPACITY (T) five 8 10 15 20 twenty five 30 forty fifty
MAX MOMENT(T.M) 10 15 twenty five thirty 40 forty five 60 70 ninety
GRIP OPENING (mm) min. a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty 180 two hundred two hundred two hundred 200 200 200
-MAX.  Round max. 800 one thousand 1000 1200 1570 1650 1650 1800 1900
TONGS CENTER HEIGHT (mm) min. 780 800 800 880 900 950 950 1000 1000
max. 1500 1600 1800 1880 1900 2300 2300 2500 2500
HORIZONTAL SIDE SHIFT OF TONGS (mm) 2140 2200 2300 2600 2800 2850 2850 2950 3150
GAUGE (mm) 2400 2400 3200 3200 3500 3500 4000 4000 4500
TRAVELLING Speed m/min 32 32 32 26 26 26 26 21 21
TONGS ROTATION SPEED r/min 10~20 ten~twenty 10~fifteen ten 10 eight 8 5~eight eight
WORKING CZPT  PRESSURE (Mpa) 10 ten sixteen sixteen 16 sixteen sixteen sixteen 20
TOTAL CZPT (Kw) 89 112 112 141 148 166 202 220 220
EXTERNALITY SIZE (mm) (L) 7380 8000 8500 8700 9000 9000 9500 9800 ten thousand
(W) 3400 3470 3980 3980 4200 4250 4560 4600 5200
(H) 3300 3300 3500 3500 3900 4100 4100 4200 4390


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china near me Rail Bound Forging Manipulator (5-120Ton) for Metal Content Forging companies