china price Hsr-Sr6600 Robot Using Self-Developed Control Technology for Hot Sale manufacturers

Merchandise Description

HSR-SR6600 Robot utilizing self-developed handle technology for very hot sale

Item Description

Huashu SR6600 is a robotic specially made for desktop pickup and set up apps. Relying on the gathered engineering of servo control in CZPT CNC for several years, making use of self-created management technology and skillfully utilizing the functionality of servo motor, it can carry 6kg load under higher torque situation, and the pace of motor can attain 5000 revolutions below higher speed situation, and the duration of sequence arms of 1 and 2 axes can achieve 600MM. It has the positive aspects of substantial pace, substantial functionality, higher precision, modest measurement, adaptable movement and lower cost. The very first and CZPT axes in collection are equivalent to the human arm, which can quickly track down and orient in the airplane, and can be prolonged into the minimal place and retrieved after procedure. Huashu SR6600 can be extensively used in electronic products business, pharmaceutical sector and foodstuff sector.


  1. Rapidly:
    The substantial speed cycle time is as reduced as .4S, which tends to make the elements run speedily and accurately.
    Payload up to 6Kg,even if the load adds, it can maintain substantial-velocity cycle.
  2. Accurate:
    Trajectory accuracy test is carried out by CZPT d DYNALOG calibration gear, making certain the rigorous precision verify. Recurring positioning precision of the 1st and 2nd arms is +.02mm, the third joints +.01mm, and the 4th joints +.01 degrees of angle.
  3. Ease of use
    Movement points can be positioned just by dragging the robotic arm, which tends to make the programming much more accurate and hassle-free.
  4. Broadly applicable to: health-related medications, laboratory automation, consumer goods, industrial products, telecommunications, prescribed drugs, packaging, semiconductor, electronics and other industries.

Product Parameters

Complex Parameters

Industrial robot HSR-SR6600
Degree of flexibility 4
Highest load/rated load 6Kg/2Kg
Optimum functioning radius 600mm
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Variety of movement J1 ±132°
J2 ±150°
J3 -200mm
J4 ±360°
Rated pace J1 225°/s,3.92rad/s
J2 360°/s,6.28rad/s
J3 666mm/s
J4 1200°/s,20.93rad/s
Maximum pace J1 375°/s,6.54rad/s
J2 600°/s,ten.46rad/s
J3 1111mm/s
J4 2000°/s,34.88rad/s
Allowable minute of inertia J4 .12kgm²/.01kgm²
Allowable torque J4 four.23Nm
Applicable surroundings temperature ~45°
humidity 20%~eighty%
Other Steer clear of get in touch with with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and liquids. Hold away from digital sound sources (plasma).
Cable Duration of Instructor Optional (8 m cable duration for training unit if needed)
Physique-cabinet relationship duration 3metre
I/Oparameters Electronic: 32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for handle cupboard fault indicator output)
battery ability .8kVA
rated CZPT .6kW
Rated voltage One phaseAC220V
Rated present three.2A
security quality IP54
Set up strategy Floor Installation, Desktop Set up
Entire body bodyweight 21kg
Handle cupboard protection grade IP53
Control cabinet dimension 500(broad)×270(thick)×530(substantial)-can stand
Manage cupboard weight 38KG

parameter map of industrial robot

Selection of motion

Software Circumstances


Firm Profile

HangZhou CZPT Numerical Handle Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter as HCNC) was proven in 1994 and grew to become a shown organization in HangZhou Stock Market with more than 30 subsidiaries all in excess of the CZPT . HCNC, headquartered in HangZhou, is the foremost provider and manufacturer of CNC equipment equipment, CNC controller, servo drive, servo motor, industrial robot, new vitality car, and matching parts

Huashu Robotic is 1 of individuals subsidiaries of HCNC. It focuses on the study and advancement, manufacturing, application and services of industrial robot merchandise. It is the greatest CZPT contractor for robotic automation solutions and the very best provider of smart producing and overall remedies of wise manufacturing facility. It has 9 subsidiaries in HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, and four research institutes in HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou, and HangZhou, covering major areas all about CZPT . The yearly generation ability is 10,000 sets of industrial robots.

Huashu Robotic fully implements the “PCLC” growth technique. At current, we have mastered four core crucial parts of industrial robots, and have 6 collection of more than 40 robots. They have continuously accomplished breakthroughs in home appliances, electronics, components, auto and motorbike, kitchen and lavatory, shoemaking, lithium batteries, photo voltaic strength, and FMGG logistics. Our market place impact has expanded speedily, and they currently have the potential to contend with CZPT international robots makes

Cooperation Manufacturer

Our Assignments


Q1:What is actually the material of your industrial robotic?
A1:The material of industrial robotic is composed by Solid iron and cast aluminum. 

Q2: Your robotic controller has input/ouput cababilities?
A2:Indeed, CZPT robot controller has enter/ouput cababilities.

Q3: How to make plan for you industrial robot?
A3: There are two ways to make plan for CZPT robotic arm: 
a. For effortless travel motion, we can use the handheld train pendent to make the software. I attach the document of the instruct pendent so that you can know far more about it. 
b. For some complicated movement, we can use the offline system application Interobot (produced by Huashu Robot), which can simulate the movement of the robot and make the programming simpler.

This autumn: What variety of industrial robotic you have?
A4: We have industrial robotic of 6 sequence with more than forty versions which can be utilised for choosing up, welding, grinding and sprucing, sorting, portray, injection programs, loading and unloading pieces for machine device, and so forth.

Q5: What is actually the shipping time of you item?
A5: Our yearly production potential is 10,000 sets of robots. The concrete supply time period must be confirmed primarily based on the amount of orders.

Q6: Why decide on Huashu Robotic?
A6: Huashu Robot has much more than 1500 technician committed in the research and development of its products. The main components of industrial robotic this kind of as robotic controller, robot physique, servo motor and servo push are designed by CZPT selves, which can aid CZPT clientele up grade the system dependent on CZPT ers’needs. Aside from of providing the robot, we can also give a total remedy, offering you with a single-stop companies.

Q7: Do you have collaborative robotic?
A7: We previously have collaborative robot which can remember the movement factors by manually dragging the robotic arm, staying away from the complex programming procedure. This collaborative robot can be utilized for health-related remedy and welding software.

PTO shafts vary in dimension and you will want to locate a matching coupling to drag. Attaching the tool to the tractor must be easy. If you have to lift the device off the floor to join to the driveshaft, or if the driveshaft is also lengthy, forcing the relationship could injury the two. If you have an current PTO shaft helpful, it truly is simple to confirm your size. Shut it and evaluate from PTO yoke to yoke.
china price Hsr-Sr6600 Robot Using Self-Developed Control Technology for Hot Sale manufacturers