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Manufactory and CZPT Combo 6-Axis 18kg Payload Collaborative Robot Ai Cobot

Q:How a lot of types do Zu® Collaborative Robots have? How much can it load?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots have Zu3, Zu7, Zu12 a few types, and they respectively load 3kg, 7kg, 12kg.

Q:How can I use Zu® Collaborative Robot’s wireless relationship? Do I want any demonstrator?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots are not fettered by traditional demonstrator. It can connect wirelessly with the robotic through Application client, which tends to make the entire demonstration method a lot more with substantial proficiency.

Q:How is Zu® Collaborative Robots’ programming?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots assist drag-and-fall programming and visual programming. Manually drag-and-drop the finish of the robotic to the corresponding details, the robotic arm will find out, memorize and complete programming by itself Application visual programming, which transforms sophisticated code language into Chinese people. Even if software users are zero-based mostly, they can also show with simplicity, and the human-robotic collaboration is much more person-helpful. New plans can be programmed and adjusted at the exact same time. All the process requires only a few minutes.

Q:How is the protection of Zu® Collaborative Robots?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots set torque comments module inside of. When the collision reaches the established higher torque limit, the robotic will quit in time to avert people and other gear from harmful and comprehend human-robot secure collaboration.

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china price Manufactory and Trading Combo 6-Axis 18kg Payload Collaborative Robot Ai Cobot companies