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                                                               Connecting Rods Oxide Scale Common CZPT CZPT

Connecting rod is 1 of the primary transmission areas of motor, which bears very variable dynamic load in work. Consequently, in the approach style of connecting rod, the demands for dimensional accuracy, condition precision and place accuracy are really high. The oxide skin produced on the forging area will reduce the carbon content on the sizzling billet surface. The greater the heating temperature, and heating instances and the thicker the oxide pores and skin will get. The auto connecting rod has stringent needs for oxide scale. Therefore, in addition to the earlier mentioned heating temperature, the heating moments of the blank have to be managed to minimize the oxide scale thickness.

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.g at the issue of oxide scale, the theory of oxide scale elimination by high force h2o is possible. CZPT pressure drinking water descaling engineering has knowledgeable two phases: mechanical descaling and blasting descaling. Up to now, it is an successful descaling approach. At present, it is widely employed in sizzling die manufacturing, which helps enterprises have excellent results in reducing cost, enhancing generation efficiency, bettering product good quality and so on.

Connecting Rod Forging descaling machine has been extensively employed in numerous connecting rod production strains, which is very beneficial for the floor treatment of connecting rod forgings.


The descaling machine from CZPT technological innovation, the major human body of the products is composed of a force technique, a transmission technique and a filtration technique. The three techniques jointly use the basic principle of large-pressure water descaling to complete the cleaning approach of the forging scale.

The higher-strain water descaling technique is adopted, and the high-stress water produced by the higher-stress h2o pump enters the descaling nozzle and is sprayed on the floor of the forging (or intermediate billet). The oxide scale has gone through the method of getting cut, quickly cooled and contracted, peeled from the foundation materials, and washed away from the surface area of the forging, therefore removing the oxide scale.

The descaling device is equipped with two h2o tanks. The drinking water tank has a built-in filter monitor and a internet basket to type the filter method of the tools to avoid oxide scale from entering the drinking water pump and influence the support life of the tools. At the identical time, it is equipped with a magnetic shovel to thoroughly clean the oxide scale in the h2o tank.

The frequency conversion motor and the chain constitute the transmission technique, which is dependable for transporting the forgings for the cleaning approach. The transmission speed of the chain can be modified to ensure that the temperature of the forgings soon after cleansing is small, which is conducive to subsequent forging.

1,The main human body of the h2o tank is created of 304 stainless steel and painted with blue sky

2,The exit and entrance undertake integral welding with large parallelism

3,Front and back again built-in baffle, less splash, simple upkeep

four,Integral go over to protect pump motor

5,In contrast with the traditional descaling machine, the circulation rate is massive, and it is suitable for the refractory oxide scale goods

6,The nozzle mounting seat is welded with stainless metal, which is effortless to preserve

7,Complete treatment method of oxide pores and skin, less decrease the temperature

8,Right after taking away the oxide scale, the metallographic composition of the solution has no chang


Name Product Dimension(mm) Equipment CZPT Pump model Flow
Huge CZPT configuration descaling equipment DMS-one hundred twenty-twenty 1600*1600*1600 11.75KW Nanfang pump 12m³/h
Ideal for bar diameter(mm) Width and height right after blank making(mm) Variety of nozzles Materials Transmission motor specification
twenty-120 220*120 26 304 stainless metal Velocity manage motor 16A


one. What kind of forging parts is descaling device suited for?

The descaling device is relevant to the forging production line. It can thoroughly clean the oxide scale generated soon after heating by induction furnace and properly enhance the surface area high quality of products.

two. How to select the model of descaling equipment? Can it be CZPT ized?

You can pick the corresponding normal design via the diameter of the round bar and the dimension of the billet soon after creating. For specifics, you should examine the parameter navigation bar of the webpage. If there is a need to have for CZPT ization, we can also provide CZPT ized companies in accordance to the CZPT er’s raw materials measurement and process.

3. How to every day sustain descaling gear?

We will advise that CZPT ers routinely clear the oxide scale in the water tank. You only require to use a magnetic shovel to eliminate most of the oxide scale. But also routinely change the h2o in the h2o tank to guarantee a standard filtration cycle.

four. Does the basic principle of high-pressure h2o descaling change the metallographic composition?

This strategy has been tested by a third-social gathering business. The check report shows that there is no alter in the metallographic structure just before and soon after cleansing, which has no impact on the later on approach.

five. How successful is the descaling equipment? Is there a reference video clip for descaling products?

Descaling CZPT nology has served much more than a thousand forging factories in CZPT , and gained a massive number of market feedback benefits. Regarding the on-site use of the products, please simply click into official YouTube account as beneath for a lot more details.

PTO shafts vary in dimensions and you will want to discover a matching coupling to drag. Attaching the tool to the tractor ought to be simple. If you have to elevate the system off the floor to join to the driveshaft, or if the driveshaft is as well long, forcing the link could hurt the two. If you have an existing PTO shaft helpful, it’s easy to validate your duration. Near it and measure from PTO yoke to yoke.
china sales Pliers Torque Wrench Forging Surface Quality Improvement Prelong Die Life CNC Machining Connecting Rods Forging Descaling Machine manufacturers