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Item Description

China new XE335C CZPT price mini CZPT low cost sales

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Evelyn Chen

Solution Description
Excavator is powerful sufficient to cope with a range of functioning environments. By implementing a series of new systems and multiple features, the solution can guarantee CZPT ers’ comprehensive advantages and lower use fees.

one. Exceptional low-velocity high-torque motor.

two. CZPT ly specialised style and investigation instruments, blended with bench exams.

3. Adopts the dozer blade that can transfer in parallel and the assistant stabilizing outrigger.

four. CZPT d wheel brake technique.

5. Self-produced smart control method.

Standard Specifications
Operating weight 20500 Kg
Bucket capacity .86
All round proportions 9597x2552x3590 mm
Boom Length 5700 mm
Arm Length 2900 mm
Design /
No.of cylinders 6 /
Rated power/velocity 129/2200 kw/rpm
Maximum torque/velocity 799/1200 N.m
 Displacement six.7 L
Fuel tank capacity 305 L
Engine oil capacity 17.5 L
Main Performance
Travel speed(H/L) 31/9.five km/h
Swing speed 13 r/min
Gradeability ≤30 °
Bucket digging force 144 kN
Arm digging force a hundred kN
Width of platform 2490 mm
Total width of chassis 2495 mm
Width of tyre 1890 mm
Wheel base 2850 mm
Width of dozer 2495×566 mm
Counterweight clearance  1250 mm
Hydraulic Method
Main pump Two piston pumps /
Rated flow 2×220 L/min
Main safety valve pressure 31.4/34.3 MPa
Travel system pressure  31.four MPa
Swing system pressure 28 MPa
Pilot system pressure 3.nine MPa
Hydraulic tank capacity 202 L
Doing work Dimensions
Max. digging height 9000 mm
Max. dumping height 7000 mm
Max. digging depth  6460 mm
Maximum depth cut for 2240mm(8 ft) level bottom 6285 mm
Max.vertical digging depth 5810 mm
Max. digging radius 9840 mm
Min. swing radius 2820 mm

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The tractor’s limited shaft, commonly referred to as the PTO, transmits energy from the tractor to the PTO-pushed device or device. Power transfer is accomplished by connecting the machine’s driveshaft to the tractor’s PTO stub shaft. The PTO and driveshaft were operate at 540 rpm (9 cycles/sec) or a thousand rpm (sixteen.6 cycles/sec). At any pace, their rotation is proportional to the speed of the tractor engine. Most incidents involving PTO stubs are thanks to clothing getting caught by a hectic but unsuspecting PTO stub. Motives a PTO stub may stay engaged incorporate: the operator forgets or does not know the PTO clutch is engaged sees the PTO stub spinning but thinks it is not unsafe sufficient to release it, or the operator is engaged in perform activities. Shoelaces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls, sweatshirts, and trench coats are clothes that can be grabbed and wrapped all around spinning PTO spools.
china wholesaler China New Xe335c Excavator Price Mini Excavator Cheap Sales manufacturers