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2571 Sizzling Sale Collaborative Robot 6-Axis 3kg Ai Cobot Robot CZPT mation Robotic Arm

Q:How several kinds do Zu® Collaborative Robots have? How much can it load?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots have Zu3, Zu7, Zu12 a few sorts, and they respectively load 3kg, 7kg, 12kg.

Q:How can I use Zu® Collaborative Robot’s wi-fi connection? Do I need to have any demonstrator?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots are not fettered by conventional demonstrator. It can connect wirelessly with the robotic by way of Application shopper, which makes the total demonstration process far more with large proficiency.

Q:How is Zu® Collaborative Robots’ programming?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots support drag-and-drop programming and visible programming. Manually drag-and-drop the end of the robotic to the corresponding points, the robotic arm will understand, memorize and finish programming by alone Application visible programming, which transforms complicated code language into Chinese characters. Even if software consumers are zero-based, they can also show with simplicity, and the human-robotic collaboration is much more person-helpful. New packages can be programmed and altered at the very same time. All the procedure normally takes only a handful of minutes.

Q:How is the security of Zu® Collaborative Robots?

A:Zu® Collaborative Robots established torque comments module inside. When the collision reaches the set upper torque limit, the robot will stop in time to stop folks and other products from harmful and recognize human-robot risk-free collaboration.

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china supplier 2021 Hot Sale Collaborative Robot 6-Axis 3kg Ai Cobot Robotic Automation Robot Arm makers