china Cost 110mm High Torque Low Speed Brushless DC Servo Motor Module (exclusive customization) manufacturers

Solution Description

one, Product functions
Principal attributes of joint module:
1. Compact construction: compact stator and rotor framework, constructed-in encoder and driver
two. CZPT response: little second of inertia, CZPT dynamic response
3. Exact handle: reduced torque ripple, straightforward to velocity control and exact positioning
four. Modest and precise: the outer diameter is only 115mm, the big and medium-sized empty wire holes, extremely mild bodyweight, properly ensuring the realistic self weight ratio of the robotic
five. Completely ready to use: it can be right connected with the joint module and the driving mechanical arm.

2,Software circumstance
The joint module can provide several levels of freedom for CZPT equipment. For instance, bionic robotic, cooperative robot, welding robot, exoskeleton robot and other fields meet the demands of various industries, this sort of as industry, scientific research, commerce, health care treatment, and so forth., with wide software, stable high quality and large shipment.

3,  Parameter table

one rated voltage(VDC) 24 36 48
two no-load pace(rpm) 960 1420 1820
3 no-load recent(A) .seventy three .nine one.1
four rated CZPT (W) 181 306 426
five rated revolution(rpm) 699 1160 1615
6 rated torque(Nm) two.5 2.five two.five
seven DC existing(A) eleven.2 11.5
eight enter CZPT (W) 243 384 525
nine effeciency(%) seventy four 79 81
10 peak existing(A) 20 20 twenty
eleven peak torque(Nm) four.5 four.five 3.8
12 peak working time(s) 120 one hundred twenty 120
13 period resistence(Ω) .101 .a hundred and one .a hundred and one
14 period inductance(mH) .062 .062 .062
fifteen pole-pairs 21 21 21
16 stage number 3 three 3

The previously mentioned parameters are for reference only. Our item technological innovation is consistently updated and upgraded. At the identical time, we also take the CZPT ization and development of CZPT ers.

4,Solution information

,Manufacturing unit and qualification
six, After income provider
1. Our company can supply installation, debugging and technical coaching for all CZPT items.
2. Right after the installation and commissioning, the guarantee time period is one particular year (besides for vulnerable parts and artificial injury), with a lifetime guarantee.
3. Irregular on-website upkeep, on-site operation and specialized coaching.
4. Services content material: in situation of tools failure, 1st converse by cellphone. If the difficulty can not be solved, CZPT organization will rush to the site as quickly as attainable to solve the dilemma. Soon after sales service involves not only tools maintenance, but also technical support. Our specialists can have out on-website specialized coaching and provide a complete established of answers. Specialist and technological personnel shall follow up the use of user’s equipment at any time.

To recognize the variety, you need to look at the form of the axis. Irrespective of the sort, the front axle is the exact same as the countershaft. Nonetheless, the entrance axle is more substantial to permit the intermediate shaft to fit inside of. In this way, the debris can collapse like a telescope in the course of its motion. The domestic shaft will be a single of four shapes – round, rectangular, square, or splined. Metric shafts can be a star, bell, or football.
china Cost 110mm High Torque Low Speed Brushless DC Servo Motor Module (exclusive customization) manufacturers