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Product Description

Design Choice

     ZD Leader has a broad selection of micro motor manufacturing traces in the sector, such as DC CZPT , AC CZPT , Brushless CZPT , Planetary Gear CZPT , Drum CZPT ,  Planetary Gearbox, RV Reducer and Harmonic Gearbox etc. Through specialized innovation and CZPT ization, we assist you produce excellent application programs and offer flexible remedies for CZPT industrial automation scenarios. 

• Model Selection
Our professional revenue representive and technological group will choose the right model and transmission solutions for your use depend on your specific parameters.

• Drawing Request

If you require far more product parameters, catalogues, CAD or 3D drawings, remember to make contact with us.

• On Your Require

We can modify regular items or CZPT ize them to meet your particular requirements.

Solution Parameters

Design Code:

                                                  E Collection                                                        C Series
Code Outline dimension  General product Code Outline dimension The Authentic code
one hundred twenty Φ122 6E 10C Φ145 150
one hundred fifty Φ145 20E 27C Φ181 one hundred eighty
a hundred ninety Φ190 40E 50C Φ222 220
220 Φ222 80E 100C Φ250 250
250 Φ244 110E 200C Φ345 350
280 Φ280 160E 320C Φ440 440
320 Φ325 320E 500C Φ520 520
370 Φ370 450E      

Equipment Ratio:

                                                   E Collection                                                        C Collection
Code Reduction Ratio New code  Monomer reduction ratio
one hundred twenty forty three,53.5,fifty nine,seventy nine,103 10CBX 27.00
150 81,a hundred and five,121,141,161 27CBX 36.57
one hundred ninety 81,one hundred and five,121,153 50CBX 32.fifty four
220 eighty one,101,121,153 100CBX 36.seventy five
250 eighty one,111,161,one hundred seventy five.28 200CBX 34.86
280 eighty one,one hundred and one,129,145,171 320CBX 35.61
320 eighty one,one hundred and one,118.5,129,141,171,185 500CBX 37.34
370 eighty one,one zero one,118.5,129,154.8,171,192.four    
Note 1: E collection,such as by the shell(pin shell)output,the corresponding reduction ratio by 1
Note 2: C collection gear ratio refers to the motor set up in the casing of the reduction ratio,if set up on the output flange side,the corresponding reduction ratio by 1

Sort Of RV Reducer

Software Of RV Reeducer

        CZPT Cycloidal Gearbox is commonly used in industrial equipment fields this kind of as device tool of four-five-axis, select-up manipulator for die-casting, industrial robot, die-casting feeding equipment, manipulator for punching machine, AGV driver, bottle-producing device, UV Printer and etc.

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Organization Profile

The PTO has connections on equally ends to join to your tractor and equipment. The tractor PTO shaft is operated with a straightforward change and can be rotated in between 540 – one thousand rpm, dependent on the gear. When engaged, the driveshaft draws energy and torque from the tractor’s transmission to give your equipment just the correct quantity of power to get you to function.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  shop ZD High Torque Robotic RV Gearbox Reducer for Die-casting, Die-casting Feeding Machine manufacturers